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Canton tower in Guangzhou


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No. 222 of yuejiangxi road,guangzhou, China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou
Hours : 9:00am-10:00pm

About this place

The Canton Tower (also know as Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower), the landmark of Guangzhou City, is one of the world's most spectacular new buildings. It serves not only as a popular tourist destination but also as an intensive facility for radio and television transmission.

The tallest TV tower (600 meters or 1,967 ft) in Asia, comprising a 450-meter (1,476 ft) main body and a 150-meter (492 ft) aerial mast.
The longest vertical and rotary aerial ladder, above 160 meters high, consisting of 1000-odd steps.
The highest revolving restaurant (424 meters or 1,391 ft above), which can hold 400 guests to enjoy gourmet food from home and abroad.
It has the highest 4D movie theater.
It has the highest open-air viewing platform (450 meters above), with an area of 54m*40m.
It has the highest horizontal Ferris wheel on the periphery of the platform, and offers tourists a dream-like bird view of Guangzhou City.

On the 450-meter-high (1476-feet high) rooftop of Canton Tower, visitors can take the world’s highest horizontal Ferris wheel to take the panoramic views of Guangzhou. The track is constructed around the periphery of the roof, with 16 transparent cars seating 4-6 people in each. It takes 20 minutes for the cars to circumnavigate the track. The wheel operates from 17:00-22:00 daily, and the price is 130 yuan per person (admission fee of Canton Tower is NOT included).

The tourists can enjoy an unobstructed view of Guangzhou City. Standing upon the tower, tourists can have a bird's-eye view of the beautiful scenery of both the Guangzhou New City and the Pearl River. At the base of the tower display Guangzhou general information, including history, culture, economy and tourist attractions and set up many tourism service facilities; at the top design restaurants, entertainment facilities and viewing platform.

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By alicewoods,

Professional Interpreter/Sourcing Agency/Tour Guide/Business Assistant

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