Lantern Festival in Liuzhou

Lantern Festival falls on the last day of Chinese New Year. Base on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 15th is the first night that people can see a full moon. We named it as YuanXiao Festival. According to the Chinese traditional , full moon is a symbol of family reunion and things work out with a happy ending. When there's a beautiful full moon hanging in the sky, lots of people will come out for making wishes and enjoy the full moon view. In the ancient time while people suing lantern for a portable lighting device. There would be thousands of lanterns with different shapes in the street and made a spectacular view for the night. Eventually , it turned into a huge lantern exhibitions and one of the must things to see for Chinese on these days. Hence the reason, Yuan Xiao Festival is also called Lantern Festival. On this day, we will eat Yuanxiao, which is a kind of glutinous sweet rice ball. After eating Yuanxiao, we will go out with family or friends to celebrate  Lantern Festival and enjoy those colorful lanterns with beautiful shape. In my Hometown Liuzhou, there's a big Lantern celebration every year. The people from all the factories or company will make their own lantern and show it to their people in Liuzhou. What's more interesting, there's lots of schools joined in the lantern exhibition, you can see some of the cute lanterns make by students. Some of the students are only 5-8 years old. It's a very interesting thing to do if you are in Liuzhou during the Festival.