Fireworks for Chinese New Year in My Home Town Liuzhou

For the Purpose of welcoming Chinese New Year, setting up the fireworks and firecrackers is a traditional celebration that most of the Chinese will take part it. Normally in Chinese New Year Eve, almost every family will preparing some firecrackers and counting down the minutes and seconds of the New Year and then set them up in front of their house. With the noise of the firecrackers, we believe it will drive the bad spirits away and wake up the sleeping dragon which is supposed to bring good luck and wealth to its people. Nobody will be sleeping before 12:00am on the first day of the Chinese New Year due to this traditional celebration of the firecrackers. I don't know weather we should call it noise pollution or the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. Every year at this time, Ios of people complain about the noise but  they definitely think the New Year wouldn't be completed without it. In my hometown Liuzhou, there's even a big fireworks celebration in the first evening in Chinese New Year. We can have an eye feast of the fireworks by the river and it lasts about half an hour. The local government spends a few millions ren min bi on that and almost every people in the city will come out that night for watching this beautiful scene and celebrate the New Year together. Here's some of the photo me and my friend took during the new year firework celebration in my hometown. Hope you will like it and since the new year hasnt finished yet ( from Feb.10th - Feb.25th), a happy new year to you all, my dear friends! 


Wendy Wei