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Yangshuo Xianggong Hill


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Xianggong Hill, Hebao Shan Village, Putao Town,Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Hours : 5:00am-24:00pm

About this place

Yangshuo Xianggong hill – One of the best view points for tourists to overlook amazing Li river landscape


Guilin is known for the fabulous Karst (limestone) topography, it not only own the large amount of limestone mountains,But also has the well developed Karst topography. Such as the isolated Karst Peaks,Peak cluster depression and Peak forest. Li river is considered as Guilin’s mother river, It originates the primitive forest of the northern Guilin. It winds through Guilin territory from the north to the south. So,Li river is the essence of Guilin landscape. Almost 60% limestone formed mountains are situated alongside the Li river valley. In order to have a bird’s eye view of these stunning Karst mountains,You need to climb up to a hilltop,Then you can have a fabulous panoramic view of Li river valley surrounded by the numerous Karst mountains. 

Xianggong hill is located in the middle of the most beautiful part of Li river scenic area. It has an elevation of 200meters and with a straight height of 50meters. Its hilltop provides a wonderful panoramic view of Li river valley. It’s used to be a famous spot for shooting the sunrise of Li river among the local photographers. Due to its advantaged location and the recommendation of visited tourists at home and abroad. Xianggong hill now has become a very popular view point for tourists who wants to overlook amazing Li river landscape. It displays different scenery with different weather condition. Normally, It’s nice to see Li river landscape from the top of Xianggong hill during April and Oct every year.

Xianggong hill scenic spot is now managed by a local village chief Mr.Zhao and his son. They spent two years to build a paved stone steps from the bottom to the top of Xianggong hill. Tourists could spend about 15minutes climb up to the hilltop along these stone steps. They charged an entrance fee of 50RMB for the way up to the hilltop which is worthwhile.Xianggong hill is still the first choice to capture wonderful sunrise of Li river as long as the weather condition is pretty good.

How to get to Xianggong hill?

As Xianggong hill is located at an isolated village in the mountain area. There is no direct bus to get there neither Guilin nor Yangshuo town. Hire a taxi to get there could be the best solution if you stay at Yangshuo town or Guilin city. It’s about 28Km and 50minutes drive from Yangshuo town. It’s about 55Km and 1hour and 20minues drive from Guilin city.

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Re: Yangshuo Xianggong hill – One of the best view points for tourists to overlook amazing Li river landscape

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