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Impression Sanjie Liu, a fantastic evening show in Yangshuo

 The evening show of "Impression Sanjie Liu" was performed at the world's largest landscape theatre. The world-famous director zhang yimou who had successfully directed the opening and closing ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympic Game acted as the general director, he spent three and a half years to completed such a huge project and it became a new highlight in China's tourist circle. The total investment reached up to 300 million Yaun, the stage took 12 peaks as its background and stretched 2 Km into the Li River, finally constituted the world's largest natural theatre on the Li River.

The performance was based on a widely known folktale of Sanjie Liu, who was considered as the Muse of the Zhuang People, it successfully annotated the harmonious relationship between man and nature, created a realm of " man is an integral part of nature" and it was reputed as "the masterpiece that cooperated with god". It's the combination of folkways, ethnic songs and fishing lights on the Li River, with high-tech to got the whole picture of the lifestyle of the Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong peoples lived in this region.

The evening show takes the color of red, white, silvery and yellow as its main tone to create the different scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter, by using the high-tech to produce the inconceivable haze effect and visual effect, from a new Angle to sublime Guilin's landscape, it's the feast of hearing and watching.

It's said that about 800 performers involved in the show, wearing various of national garments with many silver ornaments on it, they were singing and dancing accompanied with melodic music, sing the praises of their perfect life. The performance focus on the resources of Guangxi's music, natural scenery and folk custom , by seeing the performance, but also see the people's daily life of the LI River. 

The theatre sits at the confluence of the Li River and Tianjia River, the greening rate here reaches of more than 90 percent, the light system and the audio system are invisible designed, the theatre equips with 2200 seats,  including ordinary seats 2000, VIP seats 180 and President seats 20. During the peak season, all the seats are occupied by the tourists, you have to book the ticket  at least a day beforehand.