Yangshuo West Street Tours – Guangxi Province, Yangshuo, China

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Yangshuo West Street


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Center of Yangshuo County, China, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province
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A place you wanna stay forever

I just came back from Yangshuo yesterday because i have to start work today, otherwise i will stay in Yangshuo forever.
Yangshuo is a peaceful village to me, small bridges over the streams, cold streams are from the White Snow Mountain even in Summer time, it still cold, so you can see many local people just put the watermelon or beers to the stream, the water will cold it up pretty soon.
I stayed in Yangshuo for 10 days, everyday when i wake up, i can feel the peaceful life and n...read more
The oldest street in Yangshuo

Yangshou West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo, it has over all 1,400 years history, this street now is a landmark of Guilin Yangshuo, every year it will attract tons of travelers to come here, either shopping or feel this antique street.
At Yangshou West Street you can see many traditional Chinese folk elements, like craft shops, painting and calligraphy stores, so here is a good place to buy souvenirs.

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