Moon Hill Tours – Guangxi Province, Yangshuo, China

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Moon Hill


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Fenglou Chuanyan Village, Gaotian Town, China, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province

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Re: Moon Hill

By Gedeon,

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This is a great place to take some nice photos.
Custom of Yangshuo, Guilin.

Every year in Mid-Autumn day, people of Moon Hill they will light up a grapefruit light, put them on the grass, and after mid-night, they will put these grapefruit lights on the Li River, make some wishes or pray, the view is so impressive.
Light up the grapefruit light is a custom of Yangshuo, many visitors follow this custom too, the lights are easy to make, first you need to empty the grapefruit and then put a candle inside. The grapefruit is a local specialty from Shatian, Yangshuo. more

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