Yangshuo Mountain Retreat – Truly a gem among Yangshuo hotels Tours – Guangxi Province, Yangshuo, China

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Yangshuo Mountain Retreat – Truly a gem among Yangshuo hotels


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Wang Gong Shan Jiao, Feng Lou Cun Wei, Gao Tian, Yangshuo, Guangxi, China , China, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province

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Yangshuo Mountain Retreat – A bright Gem among Yangshuo hotels!

Build in 2000, The American owned Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is an idyllic riverside Yangshuo hotel, situated at the foot of magnificent limestone karst peaks and on the grassy banks of the Yulong River which 6km away from Yangshuo town. The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat's balcony offers panoramic views of the mountain, the river and the countryside.

The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat was originally created as a simple eco-friendly lodge where expats in China could escape from the crowds and pollution of the large cities. The eco lodge offers basic amenities, The rooms do not have television or telephones. but air conditioning and WiFi has been added to keep up with guests basic essentials.This is to ensure that all guests get their much needed rest while communing with nature. The beds and mattresses made by the locals which filled with simple bamboo furniture.

The staff in the mountain retreat is well trained and inspired by their American owner Chris Buckley, They always try to accommodate the needs and requests of guests. every effort is made to make guests feel comfortable and satisfying.
After a day of walking or exploring the surrounds with the retreat's bicycle rental service, guests can relax with a drink by sitting beside the riverside. The restaurant serves very good Chinese cuisine and western favorites as well.

This Chic Retreat is well known for its outstanding service and breathtaking views of the Yulong River to match. It’s truly a bright gem in Yangshuo!

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I enjoy reading post that can make people think about the Hotel. I was willing to find such types of hotels to visit with family and make them feel comfortable. More often we would like to visit bed and breakfast. As I heard lot about it and curious to enjoy such places and make my dream comes true.
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