Yangshuo Moondance hotel – A luxury and leisurely boutique hotel in Yangshuo! Tours – Guangxi Province, Yangshuo, China

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Yangshuo Moondance hotel – A luxury and leisurely boutique hotel in Yangshuo!


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Fenglou village,Yangshuo town,Guilin city,China, China, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province
Hours : 08:00am-23:00pm

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Yangshuo Moondance hotel – A luxury and leisurely boutique hotel in Yangshuo

Although Yangshuo Moondance hotel just opened in 2011, But it has become one of the most famous and well-known hotel in Yangshuo at present. Especially,Yangshuo Moondance hotel was elected as the top 15 small hotels in China by Trip Advisor in 2012. its success really set a good example for other new boutique hotels in Yangshuo even China. In my opinion, If a new boutique hotel want to be accepted and fascinated by Target Customers quickly. The characteristics(Distinctive attraction) plays a very important role on it. In this regard, Moondance hotel could be defined as a luxury and leisurely boutique hotel. It should be proud of the following aspects;

1.Peerless location
Moondance hotel is located at Fenglou village which 8km away from the Yangshuo town, Jingbao river just flow in the front this hotel. There is only a backroad lead to the outside main road from this village. Surrounded by the nearby local farmer houses, rice paddies,Karst mountains and picturesque river, It keeps a perfect serenity and privacy for this hotel. It’s also just the hotel which tourists long for as many tourists from bustling metropolis.

2. Luxurious amenities
Begin from the architectural layout to the inner decoration, Moondance hotel display a fashionable and luxury style. Every details were fully taken into account before built. Although there are only 12 rooms in Moondance hotel, But it seems each room has its specific features and style. Such as,The orange color lamps and inner wall keep guests a warm and comfortable atmosphere, The spacious balcony offer a beautiful mountain view, The bath tub and swimming pool could make the guests to release their stress and fatigue.

3.Leisurely style
The personalized room design and modern facilities actually create a great convenience for the tourists to enjoy their stay completely. It turns out to be a leisurely style which most of tourists looking for. Their self-made bed,wooden floor, bath tub and balcony are good places for guests to read the book or listen the music silently while stay in the room.

4.Excellent service
The staff from Moondance hotel are very friendly, helpful and speak good English, Everybody try their best to ensure their guests spend a memorable time while stay in their hotel.

I thought above four aspects are the main reasons why so many tourists would like to stay in Moondance hotel.

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