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Yangshuo Giggling Tree Guesthouse


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Aishanmen village,Yangshuo town,China, China, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province
Hours : 07:30am-22:00pm Jan - Dec

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Yangshuo Giggling tree guesthouse


Although there are must be hundreds of hotels and hostels in Yangshuo, But it’s difficult to find another hotel which have the same typical features and specialties with Giggling tree guesthouse, Maybe this is why so many tourists are fascinated with it and willing to stay one night there.

Giggling tree guesthouse was opened by a Dutch couple since from 2007, It’s located at a local small countryside village named Ai Shan Mei village which 5km away from Yangshuo town. The same to me, Most of tourists could be easily attracted by its facade at the first glance. Not the same to other hotels which the constructions are all built with new fire-clay bricks and decorated with delicate ceramic tile outside. All of the houses of Giggling tree guesthouse are built with rustic adobes which have been living by the local farmers for decades. The owner Karst and His wife Paulien made a contract with the local villagers and rent these series of farmhouses for several decades. They spent lots of efforts to restore and renovate these abandoned farmer houses and change them into a huge complex of traditional old farmhouses with a surrounded courtyard. Giggling tree guesthouse is made up of four parts which contains the front yard,the restaurant,guest rooms and The middle-yard.

Giggling tree in located in the rural area which just 300meters to the Yulong river, It has also a very nice view could overlook Yulong river valley which surrounded by nearby typical Karst mountains and rice fields. By the way,The cook in Giggling tree could make really good local Chinese food and western food. While you pass through the Giggling tree guesthouse by bicycle or hiking, Slow down your step and sit back for a while, Have a drinking or meal while watching the stunning countryside scenery and listening the crowing of local roosters or ducks. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable!

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