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a good temple to visit

The first day of 2014, we had a day off . We take it serious because this day means the one new year is really coming and we will have more good luck and money. Then we came to a wonderful place called Yuanxuan Temple  in Huadu district.

For me I especially like this kind of place with peaceful, sacred and imaginable atmosphere. Because when I was a little child, I always played many fairy stories computer games and watched many TV series like these. I was addicted to this to some extent.

Here you can see the Lao Tz bronze statue. You may wonder who is Lao Tz. He is a great person in ancient China. The Taoist School he set up has influenced millions of people in China including me. So this temple was built in the basis of him and his theories. Also you can see many god animal and figures of Buddha and lots of wonder views.
If you want to find momentary peace, here must be an excellent place, when you are here you will immerse in it as if you are in a real wonderland. If you want to know about Lao Tz, especially you should come. It must be a good choice.


Ps: this is not an advertisement. Lol