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wholesale markets/furniture market/tiles market in guangzhou/foshan

My name is lychee, it is a kind of summer fruit, so easy for remember me. 

And i have worked as the interpreter and purchase agent for more than 5 years, now i own a trading company called  Twinkle Star Trading Co.,ltd.  which registered in Hongkong, and also eastablish a small solar business factory with my boyfriend. so no matter for export documentation or quality control or product research, i can proudly say i am professional and trustworthy. 


here are the wholesale market list in Guangzhou and nearby cities, summarized by me, as reference for you

Building material markets
1. Furniture:
as everybody knows, Lecong (乐从)is the biggest furniture wholesale market in China, maybe even in the world.
For the right side, like Shun lian North (顺联北区),Shun lian South(顺联南区),most furniture are for personal decoration. Louvre(罗浮宫) sells most expensive but good quality products, and Shun lian North sells the middle price one , and Shun lian south is comparably cheaper.
Then for the left side, most buildings sell the hotel furniture and office furniture.
Besides, in Guangzhou, it also have big furniture mall like MACALLINE(红星美凯龙)and Ji sheng wei bang(吉盛伟邦), but furniture there are usually very expensive and best quality.

2. Sanitary products
For sanitary products, like faucet, closestool, wash basin, there are three places in Foshan, one is China ceramic city(中国陶瓷城),sells the best quality and brandy things, like TOTO. Then Yi Mei Jia sanitary market(意美家卫浴城) is the biggest one, and have many choices for basin and bathtub, price there is middle and also have some famous brands there. Another one is Shi wan sanitary market(石湾卫浴城), but most shops there are shut down, only left about 10 shops there, but price there is lower than another two places.

3. Kitchen and wardrobe
In Lecong furniture market, there are also many shops selling wardrobes. But if you want to customize your design, there are two places you can go. One is also near Le cong furniture market, which specialized in lighting and kitchen. But most are brandy products, like OPPEIN, so price is expensive.
Besides, you can go to the NAN AN ROAD building material market( 南岸路), there are also many shops can customize wardrobe and kitchen

4. Lighting
As everybody knows, LECONG is famous for furniture, then another city—Zhong shan is good for lighting, Gu zhen古镇 is about 2 hours from Guangzhou, and you can find the biggest lighting market there
But Guangzhou also have 4 lighting markets, one is called TAI GU (泰古灯饰城) near bei jing road, it is the biggest one in Guangzhou, if you don’t buy many lighting, you can go there, most shops also have factory in Zhongshan, but price there is higher than Guzhen.
Another comparably cheaper one is called YUE JING hardware market( 粤景五金批发城), lightings there is cheaper.
And another called AN HUA lighting market(安华灯饰城) is almost shut down now, but it will reopen in july.

5. Tiles
If want to wholesale tiles, Nan zhuang ( 南庄) in fo shan is the best choice.

6. Curtains
For curtain, you can find in NAN AN building street, but the HAI YIN cloth market(海印布艺城) is more specialized in curtains.

Big machine and facility
1. Industrial use machine
If you want to buy generator, solar system products, fire equipment, the YUE JING hardware market (粤景五金批发市场) can satisfy what you need.

2. Hotel and restaurant facility
There are three hotel markets in Pan yu, Guangzhou, one is called Nan tian hotel market( 南天酒店用品市场), this one is older and much cheaper one. But quality is so so.
Another one is called Xin Ji Sha Xi( 信基沙溪酒店用品市场),this one is newer than another two, and price is medium.
And the third one also called Sha Xi(沙溪),older and bigger than the second one. But products in these two are similar, because many shops have branches in both place.
In these three markets, you can buy the cooking facility, BBQ facility and cake mixing facility, freezer. etc. and you can also buy the tableware in these markets.
Besides, opposite to the Sha xi hotel market, there is a very big tea market and big kid’s bicycle market.

3. Home appliance
For electrical appliance, Hai ying electrical market (海印电器城) has all kinds of products, like TV set, DVD, alarm facility, CCTV, etc.

Fashion products
1. Clothes
Near Guangzhou railway station, there is a big area full of clothes, like Bai ma( 白马),Yi ma(壹马), but these buildings are very expensive. But another market near bai ma, which is in the basement market called DI YI DA DAO( 第一大道),price there is much cheaper, and this market combines factory and retail shops, so if you want to find some factory for order, you can visit there.
Another area is called Shi San Hang(十三行),this area is very low price, but very crowdy, and usually only opens until 2 pm, should go there earlier.
If you want to wholesale jeans, then Sha He is better choice for you. There are many jeans with low price, and if want to find factory, Zeng cheng(增城) have many jean factory.

2. Shoes
For shoes, Zhan xi road has many plaza. But in these market, you cannot retail. Besides, the metropoleplaza(大都市鞋城) is cheaper, and you can do both wholesale and retail

3. handbags and belt
for handbag market, you can visit Bai Yun leather market(白云皮具城), but this market sells many copy things, like LV, CUCCI, etc, besides, it also have copy shoes, glasses, watches, belts, and usually the office products are better quality than those in the shops.
If you don’t want copy things, and want to buy cheaper price handbags, you can go to opposite side, there is a street selling cheaper handbags and suitcase.

4. jewelry
one is called Xi Jiao( 西郊大厦), most are silver and gold color jewelry, and another is Tai kang(泰康饰品城), the price there is cheaper and have more colorful jewelries.

5. watch
in Zhan xi, there are three watches building, selling both copy and ordinary watches.
6. underwear and bra, stock
Gao di street(高第街) near bei jing road, it’s the best choice for belt, underwear, bra and stock. For example, some belts there only about 2 rmb per piece
7. gift
Onelink plaza(万菱广场) is quite famous for gift, here also can retail
8. cosmetic
For cosmetic market, one is Xing fa plaza(兴发广场), one is Mei bo city(美博城), you can find many copy cosmetic, perfume and wigs there .