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I'm Waiting For You - A Beautiful Love Poem For Your Beautiful Loving Soul

I'm Waiting for You


No secrets can I hide, no sorrow can I conceal,
just as the joy of my love for you
and the pain of parting from you.
This is the way I'm, naked and defenseless.
If you hurt me,  I cannot fight back.

One day if you wanna leave,
shall I not ask you to stay,
for I know you have your reasons to.

One day if you tell me you still love me,
shall I tell you I have been waiting for you all the time?

One day if we come across,
shall I stop and gaze at your silhouette, disappearing in the distance.
I tell myself he is the one I used to love.

We could fall in love many times in our lifetime.
Yet, only one so special to make us laugh totally carefree,
and cry so utterly in misery.

Dusk's rising , I'm waiting for you at the door;
Sun's setting , I'm waiting for you by the mountain.

Leaves are yellowing, I am waiting for you under the tree;
The moon is waning, I'm waiting for you till it becomes full again.

Rain's drizzling down, I'm waiting for you underneath my umbrella;
Stream's frozen over, I'm waiting for you at the edge of the river.

Till life is withered, I shall wait for you in heaven;
Till our days are worn out, I shall wait for in the afterlife.

--Translated by Katherine Xuan

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