(07/2011)Sea sightseeing in Yangjiang Tours – Guangdong Province, Yangjiang, China

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(07/2011)Sea sightseeing in Yangjiang


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Zhapo,Yangjiang city, China, Yangjiang, Guangdong Province
Hours : 9:00am-6pm,Mon-Sun

About this place

We started from Guangzhou at 6:00am in the early morning ,and it took us 3 hours to arrive in Yangjiang city .Firstly ,we stayed in Piano's home ,had lunch at 11:00am ,then we headed for the sea sightseeing -Zhapo.

Now let me introduce the green tourism spot -Zhapo.

It is grade AAAA tourism sightseeing place which is famous for the sea and sightseeing .Always it will have blue sky,blue seawater,beautiful bird flying to the sky .The temperature for the water stays stably at 23.5 degree and it is 22.8 degree.Comfortable sand alongside the beach ,and gentle sea wave consist of the natural ,green spa swimming pool.


We swam ,played with sea wave ,and played with each other ,laughing and laughing .

Unfortunately,we had to leave for it was closed at 6:00 PM and also we need to get back to Guangzhou .

In a word,it is a worthy tourism place to visit .

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