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Erlangen, Bavaria, Erlangen, Germany
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To the north of the old town rises the Castle of Nuremberg, an impressive 351-meter-tall structure that dominates the skyline. One of the most important surviving medieval fortresses in Europe, the castle was the residence of all legitimate German kings and emperors from 1050 to 1571. At the lower end are the old imperial stables built in 1495 (now a youth hostel), and the Pentagonal Tower, dating from 1040. Higher up is the Kaiserburg, built in the 11th century (although much altered in later centuries), along with the Sinwell Tower with its wonderful panoramic views. Castle tours take in a number of fine rooms, including the 12th-century chapel and numerous notable works of art.

Nuremberg has the unique distinction of having preserved most of its circuit of old walls, many dating from the 14th-15th century and later strengthened in the 16th and 17th centuries. Highlights include numerous gates and towers, many of which can be explored. The finest stretch of walls is on the west side of the town, between the massive Spittlertor and the former Maxtor, while the best views of the walls, the old town, and the Burg are from the Fürther Tor.

Just outside the old town walls is the superb Nuremberg Transport Museum (Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg) with its many displays relating to the country's railroads. Highlights include numerous scale models, as well as a variety of interactive displays. One of the oldest such museums in Europe, its collection also includes royal trains and perfectly restored steam and diesel engines, as well as a working replica of Germany's very first train. The museum also offers a varied program of tourist and charter trips on mainline rails, so be sure to check for such opportunities prior to your visit.

Address: Lessingstraße 6, 90443 Nürnberg

In Lorenzer Platz, the spectacular twin-towered 14th-century Gothic church of St. Lawrence (St. Lorenz) is the city's largest church. One of its many notable features is a large rose window, nine meters in diameter, above the beautiful west doorway. Inside, its many works of art include the Annunciation by sculptor Veit Stoss from 1517 in the choir, its late 15th-century tabernacle, the crucifix on the high altar, the Krell Altar with the oldest surviving representation of the town, and the superb stained glass in the choir dating from 1477. Nearby highlights include the Fountain of Virtue from 1589, and the 13th-century tower-like Nassauer Haus.

The Hauptmarkt is home to the aptly-named 14th-century "Beautiful Fountain" with its ornate decorations and figures. It's also where you'll find the Old Town Hall (look behind its much newer 20th-century counterpart) built in 1616 and notable for its magnificent doorways, dungeons, and torture chamber. Between the two buildings is another famous fountain, the Gänsemännchen, built in 1555 and depicting a Franconian peasant carrying two geese, with the water flowing from their beaks. It's in the Hauptmarkt that Nuremberg's famous Christmas Market is held, a two-week extravaganza attended by more than a million visitors that sees the marketplace transformed by festivities and lighting as well as stands selling ornaments, Christmas foods, and gifts. It's also here that you'll find St. Giles' Church, the city's only Baroque church.

by train and local metro and bus/ bike/ taxi.

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