Yunshuiyao Tulou in Zhangzhou 漳州云水瑶 Tours – Fujian Province, Zhangzhou, China

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Yunshuiyao Tulou in Zhangzhou 漳州云水瑶
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Yunshuiyao, Shuyang , Nanjing county, China, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province
Hours : 8:00am-6:00pm

About this place

Yun Shui Yao is a rural village in Zhangzhou, Fujian province in the southeast of China.  The beautiful village alone the river  has brought inspirations to many tourists and photographers due to its picturesque scenery. 

Yunshuiyao was named Chang Jiao Village and renamed as Shuiyaoyao after the famous file "yunshuiyao" (English name The Knot) which were filmed in this village become wellknown to the public. The film was made in 2006 and was submitted - but not nominated - for Best Foreign Language Film at the 80th Academy Awards. You can find more information in English about this film here:

There’s a  river flows downstream to a mill in the village. A lots of art students came here to paint. You can walk across it and admire.

The three main tourist attactions in Yunshuiyao is Huyuanlou (special buildings of south Fujian architectures inside tulou ), He Gui Lou, the biggest square tulou on a marsh, and the waterwheel house where the movie was taken. 

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