Tai Mu Mountain Tours – Fuding, Fujian Province, China

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Tai Mu Mountain


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Taimushan located in the East China Sea, three facing the sea,one  facing a mountain of granite peaks to the main features of hole group, into the mountains,melting the sea, Mountain, Sichuan, and cultural landscape as a whole, known as "Paradise Mountain, "

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By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Taimu Mountain rock is granite, the long-term weathering of various forms of stone, more than 360. Some like people, such as husband and wife Feng, Second Buddha on classics, Erxian chess, Maitreya and flat stomach, novices worship, Luo Hanyan, Bajie rock such as; some like animals, such as Jiuli overturned, fairy saw plate, Herbie wall climbing, jade monkey mirror, golden cat rat, rabbit listen to tide, the Golden Rooster herald the break of day, a piece of tile, cattle back stone etc.; some my...read more
Re: Tai Mu Mountain

By Eric Denny,

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Bald Rocks. Nice place to visit.
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Take  the bus  to Tai Mu Mountain from  Wenzhou New South Bus Station about 2.5 hours can arrive , every 1 hour and 20 minutes once

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