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Sha Tin’s Lion Pavilion 沙田獅子亭

There are several Lion Pavilions in Hong Kong.  The most famous one should be the one at the Victoria Peak, where tourists can enjoy the stunning view of the Victoria Harbour and skyscrapers.

In Sha Tin new town, people can also find another Lion Pavilion, which is unknown to the public.  It is at the quiet Fo Tan Peak, at the end of Shui Wo Road.  It was built in 1981 and witnessed the development of the most successful new town, Sha Tin.

At the lookout point, you can see the view of the huge public housing estates the tall private apartment buildings.  You can also see the natural landscape, Lion Rock, Amah Rock, Saddle Hill etc. near the straight Shing Mun River.

Sha Tin is close to Sai Kung, the backyard garden of Hong Kong.  You can go to enjoy the view of the Geo-park very easily.

If you want to visit the Lion Pavilion in Sha Tin and the Geo-park, please contact Frank the tour guide.