Changsha Bamboo Scripts Museum, Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Changsha Bamboo Scripts Museum


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Hours : 9:00am--4:00pm
Price : Free

About this place

Hunan Bamboo Scripts Museum is located in the middle of Tianxin Pavilion and Baisha Ancient Well. Its design is Han dynasty style and take examples by high-platform building prevailed in three kingdoms period.

Changsha comes up out of the ground the most quantity of bamboo slips in China. In 1996, more than 1700 Sunwu annals’ (Three kingdoms period) bamboo slips were come up in Zouma tower of Changsha City. That amount exceeded the overall amounts of bamboo scripts came up in China over the years. Due to the deficient historical materials in three kingdoms period, this batch of bamboo scripts were considered as “Great archaeological discovery”. In 2003, more than ten thousand Xihan bamboo scripts were discovered in Zouma Tower.

Changsha Bamboo Scripts Museum has been the only modernize theme museum at home and abroad up to now, which combines collect, protection, settlement, research with display. It is also an important cultural scenic spot and an open window. This museum covers an area of about 5,000 square meters.

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