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Ok, no closed Tongji Bridge lol

The 15th day of the first month of lunar year in China is Lantern Festival.
Also, we Foshan people have a tradition--walking through Tongji Bridge on this day. This tradition has a history of more than 200 years. And this bridge is having been standing here over 400 years. Only in Foshan, my friends.
Tong means removing the difficulties, Ji means helping the poor. So this is why the bridge is called Tongji Bridge.

On this day, every Foshan people including me, because I am a Foshan native, will hand a small windmill and a bundle of lettuce to travel around some central parts of Foshan and then walk through the bridge. The windmill implies wind and rain come on time. The lettuce implies earning more money. We are always wishing these beautiful things.

At 10pm this day, we start it. We prepare our windmills and lettuces and begin traveling about 4000m and then arrive and walk through the bridge. Do not look down the 4000m, my friends, because it is hard to finish it in a short time. People from all kinds of places will come here, so the big road will become smaller and crowded. You only can move 100m every 10 minutes, but you will not feel uncomfortable and bored. At this moment, people all are very happy, they not only can experience the boom of Foshan where they live for many years, but also can wish good luck for themselves and the people they love and growl loudly together. Even if it is crowded, people feel very happy and excited.I think it is a kind of happiness when having this with lots of people.

After a long long journey, we reach the bridge. The historical moment is coming--we are starting walking through Tongji Bridge!! At this most exciting moment, we laugh and take many photos when passing by the bridge, we finish it and the good luck is coming this year. When out of the bridge, we will throw our lettuces to the lucky pool meaning that we can make more money this year.
So far, this is over. If you are on the scene, you will actually feel the full-tasting atmosphere and will love it immediately.