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ancient and beautiful Nanfeng Kiln

We went to Nanfeng Kiln in Foshan my hometown last year.
This tourist attraction is located in Shiwan Town Chancheng District in Foshan. This town which is full of the atmosphere of traditional culture of southern China is famous for its china, also it is one of the ten most attractive towns in China. In addition, you can see all kinds of Shiwan Figures all over the street.


Good tips: I. You can see some ancient kilns and know how the ancient people made china.
       II. You can make china yourselves just using a little money. The making process is very funny especially for a family.
       III. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the lion dancing and Cantonese Opera.
       IV. You can taste the delicious special Southern Chinese snacks, such as beef offal and beancurd jelly , etc.
       V. There are lots of ancient desks and chairs, and handwritings and Chinese paintings of many masters.

Hope you have a great moment there!