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Wholesale Market Summary List for Guangzhou and Nearby Cities

I have been doing purchase agency service in Guangzhou for 5 years. Experienced about Guangzhou wholesale market. Attend every Canton fair since 2008. I am doing free consulation about wholesale market in Guangzhou and nearby city also, here share some information, hope can be helpful.

⑴ furniture
Lecong town of foshan city is the biggest market for furniture in China.
It’s a town all about furniture, with over 20 furniture wholesale market building. Including almost all kinds of furniture. Here are the name of different price level market for office furniture, with the building name you can find them conviniently, all people there know these malls.

Address: foshan city shunde lecong town, 佛山市乐从镇

high price level
1. Name:“louvre ” 罗浮宫家具博览中心
office furniture location: first floor
2. Name:"redstar macalline" 红星美凯龙

Middle price level
1. Name: "Sunlink furniture city ( north section)" 顺联北区
office furniture location: Block 9 to 11. There are 6 companies in block 11 that manufacture some items for you and can found all other items for you.
2. Name: Sunlink furniture city ( south section) 顺联南区

Low price level
Name: lecong international furniture city 乐从国际家私城

⑵ Adult clothing
Adult Clothing market is in Guangzhou railway station district, there are at least over 20 clothing mall there, different mall for different subject.

1. For copy clothing
Name: KINGDO/金都国际服装城
Address: near Guangzhou yuexiu district huanshi xi road NO. 139 / 汇美国际环市西路139号隔壁

2. For pyjamas and Lingerie
Name: Jing xiang / 金祥内衣城
Address: Guangzhou yuexiu district zhan qian road NO. 193 / 越秀区站前路193号金祥大厦内

3. For knitting and woolen cloth
Name: 广安针毛织服装市场 / Guangan knitting&woolen costume market
Address: Guangzhou yuexiu district zhan qian road NO. 195 / 站前路195号

4. For jeans
Name: Kang le /康乐牛仔城
Address: Guangzhou yuexiu district renming bei road NO. 921 / 人民北路921号康乐大厦一至三层

Guangzhou railway station district is a big district with several kinds of market, e.g.: cloth market, shoes market, watch market, fashion accessories market, cosmetic market, etc
5. For shoes
Name: BuYun Shoes World Plaza /步云天地, there are several other shoes building nearby also
Address: No. 26 ZhangXi Road,Liwan District,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China

6. For watch
Name: southen watch trade center/南方钟表市场
Address: guangzhou yuexiu district zhanxi road No. 57 / 站西路57号
there are several other watch buiding next to eachother.


7. For leather bags
Name: 白云皮具中心/ bai yun elaborate leather trading and exhibition center
Add: Guangzhou baiyun district jie fang road No. 1356-1358 / 广州市白云区解放北路1356-1358号

⑶ Children cloth
Name: zhong shan ba Children's garment plaza/ 中八童装妇婴用品广场
ADD: Guangzhou liwan district zhong shan ba road/广州中山八路

⑷ textile and accessories
Name: China Fabric & Accessories Center/广州国际轻纺城
Add: Guangzhou Haizhu district Xingang road No.114/海珠区新港路144号(近中山大学)
In Guangzhou we call is zhong da fabric market also
zhongda fabric market is for the raw material of garment and accessories - it's the biggest in China. You are supposed to find anything about garment accessories in the world there, they can open your own model all the time.

⑸ ceramic
1.China ceramic city/中国陶瓷城
Address: foshan chancheng city jiang wan 3 road No. 2 / 佛山禅城江湾三路2号
2.China mosaic city/中国马赛克城
Address: nextto China ceramic city
it's the biggest wholesale market in China for the tiles, just nearby. it's 8 minutes by taxi away from the jihuayuan metro station in foshan city, there is metro go directly from Guangzhou to foshan. by taxi from GZ to there around 150RMB.

⑹ gift
it’s road including gift and stationary wholesale market, the following two are the biggest gift building
1. Wan Ling square/万菱广场
address: guangzhou yi de road / 广东省广州市解放南路39号万菱广场
Metro station: haizhu square

2. international toy stationary gift square/国际玩具文具精品广场
address: guangzhou yi de road /一德西路390号

⑺ stationary
Name: yi yuan stationary market / 谊园文具批发市场
Address: guangzhou liwan district huangsha hou dao NO. 25 / 广州市荔湾区黄沙后道25号

⑻ lighting
zhongshan city guzheng/中山古镇 is the lighting town of China, biggest lighting wholesale market in China, have almost all kinds of lighting

it's a city near Guangzhou, two hours by car awary from Guangzhou.
Name: zhong shan city Guzhen / 中山古镇灯饰批发市场
Address: zhong shan city Guzhen / 中山古镇灯饰批发市场

⑼ home decoration
Name: ba da tong home deco. market/八达通家居市场, over half of the exhibitor on 2012.03's China international fair is from there.
Add: Foshan nanhai lishui/广佛高速盐步里水收费站旁

⑽ For building hardware and furniture accessories
Both foshan and GZ is ok, normally we guide customer to foshan if he buy big amount. if you stay in GZ and don't want to rent a car to foshan then GZ is better.

Market in Foshan
You can visit foshan hua yi decoration material marekt / 佛山华艺装饰材料市场
Address: 佛山市季华西路和325国道交汇处
Mainly for plywood, floor boards, ceiling, dope, anti-water material, stainless hardware,lighting, windows and door, fabric curtain.

Market in Guagnzhou:
There are over ten wholesale market for construction material decoration. Mainly gother in nan an road, da nan road and tai kang road.
1. nan an road construction decoration material road /南岸装饰材料专业街
Address: 越秀区南岸路
mainly for decoration material, lighting, steel door, hardware. Have several wholesale market like Guangzhou construction decoration material plaza / 广州装饰材料市场, nan an construction decoration material market/南岸装饰材料市场, xin zhi guang construction decoration material market/星之光装饰材料市场, Guangdong construction decoration material market/广东装饰材料市场.
2. da nan road decoration material street / 大南路装饰材料专业街.
Address: 越秀区大南路
hua di decoration material market / 华淦装饰材料商场, mainly for LED advertisement lighting, hardware. Decoration material.
Tai gu lighting center / 太古灯饰城, mainly for lighting.
Guagnzhou texitile decoration craftwork market / 广州纺织装饰工艺品商场, mainly for the fabric curtain.
3. taikang decoration material street / 泰康装饰材料专业街
Address: 海珠区泰康路
mainly for the decoration material, stationary, security steel door

⑾ Printing
Name: Guangzhou tian chen road printing machine and printing material market / 广州市天成路印刷机械印刷材料市场
Address: 广州市天成路印刷机械印刷材料市场
Mainly for: all kinds of paper, sticker, printing ink, printing accessories material. All kinds of printing machine, packing maching, etc.

⑿ For curtains in GZ.
1. for finished curtain
Name: 海印布料市场/hai ying qiao fabric market
Address: 广州市沿江东路429-431号,即海印桥西北引桥侧
There are several fabric curtain market nearby, it's the biggest place for curtain fabric

2. for fabric material of curtain2. for fabric material of curtain
Name: zhong da fabric market / China Fabric & Accessories Center/广州国际轻纺城
Add: Guangzhou Haizhu district Xingang road No.114/海珠区新港路144号(近中山大学)
zhongda fabric market is for the raw material of garment and accessories - it's the biggest in China.

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