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China Foshan Furniture Wholesale Markets


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Hours : 09:00-18:30

About this place

Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center

Shunde Louvre furnishings Co.,ltd owns exhibition ahll taking up 60.000 square meters which is equipped with 7-star hardware facilities covering global high-end furniture essence and is the largest self-run bazaar of high-end furniture in china.In particular,the louvre-casa,taking up 20.000 square meters and gathering together European top 10 luxury furniture and decoration brands,is the peak works in chinese and even global furniture industry.

Major exhibits:
• Chinese, Continental, American, Japanese-style
• Classical, Neo-classical, Modern classic furniture
• Furniture in living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, study rooms, offices and a series of products for children & youths
• Mahogany, solid wood, modern plate-typed, rattan, metal & glass furniture

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