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The introduction of Foshan paper cut

Foshan paper-cut belongs to guangdong folk paper-cut. Spread from the song dynasty, sheng in the Ming and qing dynasties. Its style is resplendent and magnificent, vigorous and ancient and clumsy, the structure is magnificent and unrestrained, and the color is exaggerated and magnificent. It USES cutting, carving, chiseling, printing, writing, lining and other skills, and skillfully combines materials and techniques of expression, with distinct local characteristics. Due to the differences in production methods, it can be divided into pure color paper cutting, copper lining material, example writing material, paper writing material, gold flowers, silver writing material and so on. His works are made with scissors or knives on paper or on special copper foil, silver foil cut, carved, in which copper writing materials are the most prominent.

Foshan paper-cut has a long history, originated in the song dynasty, sheng in the Ming and qing dynasties. Since the Ming dynasty, foshan paper-cutting industry has a large number of specialized production, the products are sold to the provinces and south central, southwest provinces, and exported to the countries in the south.

In ancient times, paper cutting was mainly used for decoration of festival gifts, sacrificial decoration, embroidery, carving patterns and product trademarks. With the development of the society, foshan paper-cut, on the basis of tradition, is characterized by its rigorous composition, strong decorative, elegant, resplorious and magnificent features, mostly featuring the theme of reflecting the life of The Times, creating a path of innovation in traditional art, which is more representative in China's paper-cut art.