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Shunlian Furniture City Tour in Foshan

Shunlian Furniture City is located in Lecon, the capital of Chinese furniture trade, developed by Foshan Shunlian Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 1989, Shunlian Furniture City is one of the founders of Lecong Furniture Market. It is composed of Shunlian Furniture City (South District), (North District) and Shunlian Cabinet Lighting City (East District). With a total operating area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters, it is dominated by the leading position of the Leli Furniture Gallery and the core area of ​​the Furniture City. After more than 20 years of dedicated operation, Shunlian has attracted nearly 1,000 brand merchants to operate in the market with its professional, honest and transparent market brand appeal. Has now formed mahogany, office, sofa, hotel and villa projects, home accessories, overall suites, cabinets, lighting, outdoor furniture "nine major professional sinks", of which Shunlian Furniture City (South District) more than 60,000 square meters of "shun “Shunhua Sofa Purchasing Center”, (North District) nearly 40,000 square meters of “Shunlian Redwood City” and 50,000 square meters of “office furniture confluence” have become the professional model of Lecong Furniture Market; Shunlian Cabinet Lighting City (East District) The cabinets and lighting malls have greatly enriched the connotation of Lecong's furniture industry. The scale of professional business forms attracts tens of thousands of domestic and foreign merchants to purchase every day. Shunlian has always adhered to the marketing strategy of “brand strategy, classified management” and the operation mode of professional project branding. It has created Lecong's first independent high-end brand “Mingzhixuan”, which has improved the quality of Lecong furniture as a whole. In addition, with the support of governments and industry associations at all levels, we have created three brands including [Shunlian International Sofa Purchasing Association], [China (Lecong) Redwood Furniture Fair] and Spring and Autumn Season [Shunlian Lighting Fair]. After many years of accumulation and precipitation, the three exhibitions of Shunlian have become a shining business card and industry development trend of Lecong furniture industry and home culture. Shunlian Furniture City will continue its professional business strategy to meet the needs of consumers' purchasing needs and experience, and strive to introduce more diversified business forms and internationally renowned brands to improve professional service standards and create international shopping for customers. Environment; and in line with the government's industrial transformation and upgrading, continue to increase investment in its own hardware and software, and strive to move from the furniture industry to a more solid and higher direction.