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Lecong International Convention and Exhibition Center (IEC) - furniture tour

Lecong International Convention and Exhibition Center (IEC) is located at the head of Lecong Furniture Shilichang Street. It is a colorful combination with Shunlian North Furniture City, Louvre Furniture Expo Center and Dongheng Oriental International Furniture Exhibition Center. From a distance, the whole building is novel in design, magnificent and full-featured, and it can be called the 3⁄4 classics of the domestic furniture exhibition hall.
Lecong International Convention and Exhibition Center (IEC) has a construction area of ​​100,000 square meters and is divided into two bases, A and B. It has first-class equipment and advanced management systems, such as business center, leisure equipment, broadband network, central air conditioning, real-time monitoring equipment and several Ten escalators, sightseeing ladders, and people's goods elevators are all available, and large outdoor electronic advertising screens are dazzling. The on-site planning is clear and the layout is reasonable. A, B, 1-2, 3⁄4 ¬ camp soft sofa, suite furniture, living room furniture, hotel furniture, outdoor furniture; Block A, 3 floors for home accessories; Block A, 4-6, 3⁄4 camp, Chinese furniture, mahogany furniture and classical Furniture. The 3-4 floors of Block B are brand office furniture; the 5th floor is the showroom of high-grade European furniture. Its range of 3⁄4 camps covers almost all types of furniture and can meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.