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Lecong Dongming International Furniture City Tour

Lecong Furniture has become the world's largest furniture wholesale market, known as the “China Furniture Trade Capital”.
Lecong Dongming International Furniture City is the first large-scale furniture wholesale market in Lecong Furniture Market to take the lead in intensive and specialized. Connected to the first ring road of Foshan, the prime location of Dongming International Furniture City.
Dongming International Furniture City, with a total investment of 250 million yuan, covers an area of ​​72,000 square meters, with a total area of ​​150,000 square meters. It has sofas, offices, panel suites, integrated furniture, and special furniture export zones. Large furniture wholesale mall in the exhibition hall. It is equipped with hotel business center, foreign trade furniture import and export office building supporting center, domestic and foreign logistics center. Scientific zoning management and improved procurement efficiency have won the appreciation of the industry....
Dongming International Furniture City's interior and exterior decoration (including floor, ceiling, lighting, etc.) saves all manufacturers. Merchants are welcome to join the investment development. At the same time, buyers from India and Malaysia will be stationed in the Furniture City. The industry association will organize relevant personnel to visit the site from time to time.
1. A mall with featured grades:
Free decoration, low rent and high return rate are the ideal locations for investors to develop. Our company also provides a free tour bus to provide customers with a free and convenient transportation.
2, three major advantages:
Superior diamond location, perfect property management, strong media campaign!
3. There are five major features:
There are logistics center, e-commerce information center, hotel center, brand promotion center, and featured product promotion center!
The rent shop must be in the first place, and the winner must talk about investment.
Shops are flat, rents are flat, and investment is chosen to come to Dongming.
Dongming International Furniture City also arranged more rich activities to share with the merchants and have fun together. More surprises for investors to make money. Dongming Furniture City is renowned for its international and dedicated furniture wholesale! Dongming International Furniture City is a large-scale shopping mall where business, entertainment and leisure are in one. Life and creativity are all in Dongming International Furniture City!