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Hele Furniture Plaza Tour

Hele Furniture Plaza is a large-scale, all-round furniture trading service platform invested by Guangdong Hele Group in 2012 with more than 5 billion investment.
Hele Furniture Plaza is located in Beiwei Industrial Zone, Lecong Town, Foshan City. It is people-oriented, suitable for humanities and qi, suitable for the convenience of municipal road planning. According to unparalleled geographical advantage, Foshan Yihuan and Huanzhen Road are in all directions. Within a kilometer, it is within easy reach of Le Port. At present, the total construction area of ​​Phase I and Phase II is nearly 250,000 square meters, and they have all been completed in a gorgeous manner.
In order to expand core competitiveness and enhance service and value connotation, Hele Furniture Plaza will “integrate and deepen marketing functions” as a breakthrough point, fully integrating boutique display, spot trading, e-commerce, logistics and distribution, media promotion, shopping and leisure, integrated business, etc. A multitude of functions in one, to achieve new coordinates in the field of furniture circulation. Hele Furniture Plaza is a new model of modern, systematic and intensive marketing services. It has beautiful environment, developed transportation and profound development potential. It is highly praised by the local government and the business community. Hele Furniture Plaza draws on its strengths and actively integrates into the district business district. With the concept of synergy and mutual benefit, it advocates the common prosperity of the pan-commercial sector and promotes the comprehensive advantages of scale effect and complementary effect.
With the rapid development of China's real estate, furniture sales will inevitably become an indispensable active force for economic development. With the new concept brought by the music furniture plaza, it will surely bring the warm response of the market with high-quality service and diversified value. At that time, Hele Furniture Plaza is exactly what we are looking forward to as a shopping and sales boom, buying and selling in harmony, and sacred the furniture brand sanctuary.