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Bruce Lee Ancestor's House in FoShan

Bruce Lee Ancestor's House, a typical folk residence made of brick and wood, is located in Shang Village, Shunde District of Foshan, about 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) away from Guangzhou City.

Bruce Lee, a brilliant Chinese Kung Fu master and action movie star, made a great contribution to promoting Chinese martial arts and Kung Fu films. Although he only lived for 30 years, his blaze of glory overshadows any other Chinese Kung Fu stars of his time. Even the present-day Jackie Chan and Jet Lee's hey days cannot match his achievements. From 1972 to 1973, Bruce was successively named as one of the seven great martial arts masters in the world by the international authoritative martial arts magazine 'Black Belt'. At the turn of the new millennium, he was nominated as one of the most influential icons in the 20th century, the only Chinese national. For countless foreigners, Bruce Lee has become the synonym of 'Kung Fu'. Subsequently, Bruce Lee Ancestor's House became a tourist resort for his fanatic fans and martial arts lovers.

At the entrance of Shang Village stands the Lee's Ancestral Hall. It was built to immortalize Lee's ancestors. The Ancestral Hall is very grand, spacious and solemn. Bruce Lee's Ancestor's House is near the Lee's Ancestral Hall. It was built by Bruce Lee's grandfather. Bruce's father also lived here. Bruce lived here only for a short period. He spent the most part of his childhood and teen years in Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee Ancestor's House is composed of a bedroom, a hall, a kitchen and a dooryard, encompassing an area of about 51 sq meters (about 61 sq yards). It is a very humble house, and the furnishings are very simple. On the walls of the hall hang a brief introduction about the life experience of Bruce Lee, and several large stills from his films, in which Bruce Lee played the leading roles. At the hall, there is a wooden stake and an incense burner table. The wooden stake is used for practicing Kung Fu. The incense burner is used to make sacrifices to Lee's ancestors. The dooryard covering an area of about 20 sq meters (about 24 sq yards) is a good place for practicing Kung Fu.

In order to pay tribute to Bruce Lee for his contribution to the promotion of Chinese martial arts, a memorial museum was built and completed in 2002. It is located in Daliang Street, Shunde District. Since the memorial museum is situated in an inconspicuous part of the street, it is unfamiliar to the public. Therefore, a new memorial museum has been constructing since the end of 2006, which is situated in Jun'an Town, and is expected to be the largest memorial museum dedicated to the memory of Bruce Lee.