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how to order kitchen cabinet in China ? the process of OEM your own kitchen cabinet .

Many foreign friends want to build their own house, and then they want to buy various building materials from China, such as: tiles, doors and windows, lighting, cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc. But some foreign friends will worry: What if the size is not the same? What if there is a problem with the quality? And various after-sales issues. Then I will introduce you to the customization process of a cabinet. Then you will be relieved. As long as the size given by a foreign friend is correct, other processes can be controlled. We can also introduce such a factory to you and help you follow up on the follow-up.

1.You need to prepare your Kitchen dimension details like  CAD file

2.We will show you what kind of design you like,or you can show us what design you like ?

3.Choose the material of the cabinet door and the colors and also the carcase marterial.

4.choose the counter top and parts and accessories.

5.Choose the  build-in electric appliance.

6.Confrim the 2D and 3D (we will also provide CAD 2D dimension and 3D design according to your idea ,and then you confirm it ).

7.Production and quality control . We have professional factory to produce the nice and stable quality products.

8.Quality inspection .

This is the most important part of your whole order . we will assemble all the kitchen cabinet or wardrobe and check the size and other details like finishing ,painting ,surface ,ect ,before giving to you .

9.Package , this is also very important,we will have two option ;Flat-packing which can save the space while shipping . 2nd is installed packing /fixed packing . we can assemble your kitchen cabinet here with safe packing ,this will be easy for you when you don’t need spend to much time on your installing .Other important thing is : we will label/mark all the box with the kitchen cabinet number according to the 2D map .and that will be much easier for you to recognize which cabinet.

10.Shipping and arrange documents for custom .  THE END