Foshan Zumiao Tours – Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

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Foshan Zumiao


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About this place

Foshan is the hometown of many Kungfu Masters, which include Bruce Lee's coach, Huang Feihong, etc. In Ming dynasty, Foshan is very famous for its metal fabrication. Almost every single family in Foshan is doing it for living. Just as time goes by, the industry started fading out. Now, Foshan has a very developed production and shipping for light bulbs and other related products. 

Zumiao is a very old temple in Foshan. When China was still an agricultural country, weather was the key for people's living. And the God of North who's living in the temple was the one who in charge of rain. People came here to sacrifice in order for the god to give good weather for the crops to grow. Now, of course, we are not totally dependent on weather, the purpose for people coming to Zumiao has changed, but one thing is the same, to get bless from god. 

Here, I made a wish that my family are all healthy and happy no matter where they are.

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