Tour Guide Testimonials

 Miki Wei, Shanghai Tour Guide      

 "I'm Miki, a Synotrip tour guide with a premium membership. I would like to express my gratitude towards Synotrip. Even though I have not been on Synotrip for a very long time, I've already received many bookings from travellers.      

Many thanks to the Synotrip team. They have helped me a lot, have always responded my questions very quickly and have given me a lot of very useful information. This is really a very good platform for both travellers and tour guides. I would especially like to say many thanks to the Synotrip moderator Samantha!

All the best to the Synotrip team! I wish all travellers a wonderful trip and all tour guides good luck. Enjoy your career as a tour guide."

--- Miki Shanghai Tour - Shanghai   

 beijing private tour guide    


"Thank you Synotrip and Samantha. I have learnt a lot from you. Through Synotrip, I've made a lot of friends from different places around the world. I was surprised to get a booking from Synotrip so soon after signing up!"

 --- Shaolu - Beijing



 lijiang personal tour guide    


"Synotrip, thanks so much! It's my 40th day as a tour guide on Synotrip and Synotrip has already brought me 2 tours without even asking for any money." Read the full post

 --- Yefei - Lijiang



 Hangzhou local tour guide    


"Synotrip is a great platform for tour guides to promote ourselves and get customers who want to see some 'real' Chinese places, the kind of places you wouldn't be able to go to if you don't speak Chinese. It's amazing that I've received 5 bookings from Synotrip already. Actually, before the first German traveller wrote to me, I didn't think it would work. I hope more and more people start using Synotrip and we get busier every day."

--- Jenny - Hangzhou


 beijing private tour guide    


"A friend of mine recommended Synotrip to me and I thought I'd just give it a try. Luckily, I received an inquiry from a potential client the day after I signed up!" (Original post: "从朋友那里得知SYNOTRIP的,因为他知道我是个喜欢各地游逛,寻找美食和好玩儿的地方的人,而且专业是英语。当时注册的导游朋友并不多,而我开始时也只是抱着试试看的心态,但幸运的是注册资料第二天就收到了一封外国朋友的回信,当时开心极了,我想我会继续更新我的SYNOTRIP个人主页,希望能带更多的外国朋友认识好客美好的中国。 ")

 --- Emily-Wang - Beijing


 beijing local tour guide    


"Synotrip is your opportunity to promote yourself to the world. It's a platform that lets you show off your own special characteristics and charm to attract clients. Endless pleasant surprises await you on Synotrip! (*^__^*)" (Original post: "Synotrip是你一展拳脚的大好机会,在这个平台上,运用你自己的独特魅力来招徕顾客,作为刚出道的黄毛丫头,偶就接到了好几个任务,当然是只能忍痛选其一啦,所以赶快加入Synotrip,快点到这里来安上你滴小窝吧!源源不断的机遇和惊喜在等着你哟~(*^__^*)")

--- Dorisica1990 - Beijing


 Beijing personal tour guide    


"Thank you so much Synotrip for giving me the opportunity to promote myself. My business is growing and I'm beginning to form my own team. Synotrip allows me to directly connect with clients from all over the world." (Original post: "真的很感谢您这个网。让我有更多的机会展现自己。现在我的业务也扩大了。开始自己组团了。全球各地的旅游,我直接跟客人交流,带他们游。呵呵")

--- Maggie Wang - Beijing



 Nanjing private tour guide    


"Synotrip bridges us with friends from far way... I'm really loving it~~"

 --- Sabrina - Nanjing





 Nanjing private tour guide    


"Synotrip is full of surprises. It has given me a lot of opportunities to meet foreign travelers. I feel so lucky to be a member of Synotrip. "

 --- Ivy - Nanjing




 Shanghai tour guide    


"I really appreciate your website, this is a very good platform for me. Thanks again. :) "

--- Yenny - Shanghai




 Nanjing local tour guide    


"After becoming a tour guide on Synotrip, I have gained a lot of very different experiences in life...and I've gained a new view of the world. I become friends with the guests I meet on Synotrip. No matter how far away I get from them, we can say 'hi' on Synotrip."

--- Ruby - Nanjing



 Zhejiang personal tour guide    


"I feel so lucky that I found Synotrip. I wish I could be a member of the Synotrip family, I really do."

--- Ross- Zhenjiang




 Nanjing tour guide    


"Synotrip is also THE GUIDE for us tour guides. Free information, free services, free maps and free tips are all on Synotrip. It's not only a great website for foreigners to learn about China, but also for me to learn as well. I really appreciate the chance Synotrip gave me to start my tour business. Millions of thanks."

--- Gin - Nanjing



 Beijing private tour guide    


"Synotrip=Sun+Young+Natural+Oh~a great Trip in China. A great platform for me."

--- Michelle - Beijing




 Nanjing local tour guide    


"I was so happy when I received the first enquiry letter from Synotrip. I've met so many friends from all over the world through Synotrip. I'm sure I'll get many more pleasant surprises from Synotrip in the future. Come on, join us! We can make good friends!"

--- Angela - Nanjing



 Xi`an personal tour guide    


"Thank you so much for giving me a great opportunity! You'll always have my support and I hope Synotrip keeps growing better and better!" (Original post: “非常感谢Synotrip给我一个好机会,我会一直支持你们,祝越来越好!”)

--- ilee480 - Xi'an





"I registered my name as a tour guide in Synotrip website more over 26 weeks. During that time, Synotrip website helped not only me but also my tourist to contact to each other. Through talked to my tourist, I knew that Synotrip website was a famous website to look for a tour guide in Vietnam. Synotrip is a useful, trustful website and very easy to use. I just want to say thanks for helping me in my career. I hope we can work further in the future, and Synotrip website will be the most famous website for Tourist all over the world.”)

--- Trang Võ - Ho Chi Minh



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