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Premium Account is a value-added service on Synotrip, Premium Account has some privileges, which Regular Tour Guide doesn’t have.


1. Premium members appear above regular tour guides on both the main tour guide list, as well as for each city in which they are registered.

2. Premium members may choose up to 3 cities in which to be displayed, instead of just 1.

3. Premium members may add a link to their own website on their profile.

4. Premium members may publicly display their phone number and their other favorite contact info.

5. Premium members have the premium account badge displayed on their profile, indicating professionalism to potential customers.

6. If Trippers directly contact Synotrip, hope that we can introduce a suitable guide to them, Synotrip will give priority to introducing Premium Members.

See example below:

PA example


Pricing So Low You'll Pay It Off With Just One Customer!

Pricing in USD

  • 1 month: $29
  • 3 months: $87  $78 (10% off)
  • 6 months: $174  $138 (20% off)
  • 1 year:   $348 $228 (35% off)


Methods of payment

1. PayPal


2. Bank Transfer

Bank Info: ICBC, Jiangning sub-branch, Nanjing. 
Account number: 622202-43010-75127-249
Name: 王婉

3. Alipay 

Name: 王婉

You can also scan the QR-Code of our Alipay to issue a payment to us instantly.



1. After successfully paid, please inform Synotrip customer service of your user name and registered emails in time.

2. When the payment is received, Synotrip will upgrade your account immediately and send you a detailed notification. 

3. Before your Premium membership expires, we’ll send emails or make phone calls to inform you, you can choose to renew it or to be a regular account again.



1. Synotrip only offers priorities of the publicity for Premium members, Synotrip does not make any guarantees or commitments for the service content of Premium members;

2. Premium members are personally responsible for all the content thye posted on Synotrip, the content does not represent the official views of Synotrip;

3. Synotrip reserves the right to delete illegal content posted by Premium members, see Notices for references, if for any reason we are unable to remove illegal content the first time, which relates to legal issues, it has nothing to do with Synotrip.


Refund Policy

New registered tour guide on Synotrip might have fears in easily upgrading your account to a premium one, but Synotrip now make a commitment to guarantee you:

After 3 months of being a premium account, if you don’t get any help or improvement from it, we will issue a refund back to you!


Our refund policy

1. You should upgrade to a Premium Account for 3 months and above in one time;

2. Only after being a Premium Account for more than 3 months and it doesn’t help you at all, you can request a refund;

3. In order to prevent malicious behaviors, each account only has one chance to get a refund, after this refund, the very account won’t be able to apply for a premium account anymore, we thank you for your time and effort, and sorry for not bringing you the expected effect;

4. If any commission charge occurs during transaction of the original payment, we can only refund the amount we finally received back to you and the second commission charge should be undertaken by yourself;

5. New and old Premium Accounts both have refund guarantee privileges. Old Premium Accounts can only apply for the refund of the last renewal payment.

6. All rights reserved by Synotrip.

7. We have specific requests on the apply date of the refund, only after 3 months of being a Premium Account, you can apply for a refund. If you apply on the 4th month, you can get a full-amount refund; but after then the one month later you apply, the one month less refund you’ll get.

If you upgrade your account on 1st January, 2016 for 3 months, your Premium Account will expire on 31th March, 2016. Since your account expiration date, you have 1 month to apply for a full-amount refund; but after this month, you’ll only get part of your payment refunded.


See the 4 examples as references

PA Refund Policy

Feel free to contact us!

Tel: +86 (0)25 8655 1590 (Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm Beijing time)