Tour Guide Account Upgrades


Starter Tour Guides get to:

  • Post basic content (Profile, Attractions, Photos and Reviews).
  • Show up on Tour Guide list pages for up to 3 months.



Pro Tour Guides also get to:

  • Post Tours & Articles.
  • Display your phone number and other contact info on profile & Tours.
  • Show up above Starter Tour Guides on list pages.
  • Have content automatically published (moderators will double-check later).
  • Receive premium support - Help editing your profile. Advice on creating content.


Premium Tour Guides also get everything Pro and Starter Tour Guides get, plus they can:

  • Show up on top of the list for up to 3 locations.


* In the same type of tour guides, the ranking goes by the points the tour guides earned in the last 12 months of that location. For example, on the list of Shanghai tour guides, if 2 Shanghai tour guides are both Premium users, they will display above all other Pro and Starter tour guides in Shanghai, but between 2 of them, who posted more about Shanghai in the post 12 months, who has more points of Shanghai and that tour guide is higher than the other one. If tour guides have the same membership and exact same points of a certain location, then the ranking is shuffled, they could be displayed as ABCDE but DECAB when you refresh the page or check next time. 


We can also accept Alipay. (支付宝账号: 13255285320; 全名: Tait Lawton) (Pro: 135 Yuan/month; 1,215 Yuan/year. Premium: 300 Yuan/month; 2,700 Yuan/year.) Please email when you have done payment on Alipay with your Synotrip username and the payment screenshot, so we can upgrade your account asap. 请在付款成功后,将您的Synotrip用户名及付款截图发送至,以便我们尽快为您升级。


How to Upgrade Account and Check Membership Status?