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Four tips to update your kitchen with a high ROI

Ask any real estate what is the most important room in the house when it comes to selling a home and he/she will tell you it’s the kitchen. It’s been said that to sell your home, you really only need to sell your kitchen. It’s not surprising then that a kitchen remodel is the most popular remodeling project. Unfortunately for homeowners, it’s also the most expensive room to remodel. Many spend tens of thousands to remodel their kitchen and only recoup a small amount of that cost when they sell their home.
If you’re remodeling your kitchen for your dream home, ignore this advice, but if you plan on selling, then here are four tips for a kitchen remodel that won’t break the bank and will give you a great return on your investment.

Paint is one of the least expensive ways to change the entire look of a room. For the kitchen, go with a white, or very light, neutral color. This will brighten up the space and will drastically improve the look of your kitchen for a very reasonable price.

Cabinets, along with counters and appliances are the three most important features that home buyers look at in the kitchen. If your storage space is woefully inadequate then you’re going to need to spend a little more money adding in new cabinetry and getting creative to find more storage space. If you’ve got enough storage space, then resurfacing your existing cabinets might be all you need. All of the existing structure stays the same but the cabinet doors, the drawers, and the cabinet hardware is swapped out.

Few things can improve the look of your kitchen as much as the counter tops. White marble has been the counter top of choice in decades past but because it is very expensive and less resistant to stains and scratches, granite is the new most popular choice. Granite is extremely durable and comes in a variety of colors to complement any kitchen. Granite comes in a number of price tiers so whether your budget is tight or you have money to spend, granite counter tops can work in your budget.

When buying appliances, remember that brand name does matter. Don’t cut costs by purchasing off brand appliances that won’t last very long. Spend a little more on some nice, stainless steel appliances that are energy efficient. Though it’s a higher up front cost, you’ll recoup more of your costs this way when you do sell.
Most real estate experts will tell you to spend between 5 and 10% of the value of your home remodeling the kitchen. This should be enough to tackle these four remodeling projects at the very least.
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