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Rock Churches of Lalibela


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Lalibela around the Main Square, Ethiopia
Hours : 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

About this place

The rock carved churches of Lalibela are Ethiopia’s top tourist destination are found 700 km north of Ethiopia’s Capital City – Addis Ababa. These incredibly hand cut churches are eleven in number and were carved during the reign of Emperor (later called “Saint”) Lalibela who ruled Ethiopia for about 40 years in the late 12th and early 13th Century AD. The town is named after the founder and the churches were in service (operational) since their foundation.

These churches are dedicated for different saints and martyrs. They are unique in that they are carved out of a single piece of rock and in to the ground that they are concealed and better secured.

The most famous church among them the cross shaped which is the final work of King Lalibela and dedicated to Saint George.

The best time to visit Lalibela Churches is in January 6th and 7th when there is a colorful religious celebration of Genna or the Ethiopian Christmas.

For visitors with limited time, there is a possibility of taking one of the daily domestic flights of the Ethiopian Airlines. 

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