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City of Harar


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About this place

The City of Harar is found 525 km east of Addis Ababa. Harar is an old and stone walled city of only about 1 square kilo meters established in the 16th Century AD, 

Some of the interesting things which make Harar unique are: - 

- It is where the largest concentration of mosques in the world is found at. In such a small area in Harar there are 99 mosques named in the 99 names of Allah.

- It is the fourth holy city of Islam after Mecca, medina and Jerusalem

- It can be a symbol of living harmoniously as the Muslims and Christians and the linguistic/ethnic groups of Amhara, Oromo, and Adere (Harari) live in complete peace for hundreds of years

- In Harar, You can see a “hyena Man” feeding wild hyenas every night at one of the gates of Harar

- The locals of Harar are also typically known for their culture of chewing chat which is a fresh leaves and mild stimulant 

- You can find one of the best coffee species in Harar – Ethiopia being the birth place of coffee from the kaffa province of the western part of the country

The drive from Addis Ababa to Harar takes almost the whole day but there is a daily flight to dire dawa (50 km from Harar) served by the Ethiopian airlines.

For people with limited time, there is a daily flight to Dire Dawa (50 km from Harar) served by the Ethiopian Airlines. The common option is driving the 525 km 

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