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Steles (Obelisks) of Tiya


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About this place

The Steles of Tiya is one of the sites of Ethiopia to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. This site is a cemetery where about 40 huge blocks or rocks are decorated with carvings and erected in honor of local warriors in the 14th Century AD. There are 42 huge steles which are decorated with carvings of the supposed swords, False Banana Tree leaves, human breast marks, and ribs. There are few different steles from the rest which are supposed to be erected for a local queen.

The steles are found 85 km south of Addis Ababa. You take the road south of Addis Ababa via the town of Alem Genna. At Alem Gena leave the road which continues west and turn left and drive for 68 km. At the town of Tiya look for the sign of this place to your left. It is 400 meters after the turn off

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