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Best and professional tour guide in Ethiopia

Hi everyone, me and myhusband went on our first Ethiopia trip about a four months ago and I told to myself I would write about this incredible tour guide because we were just so completely impressed with his wonderful treatment and services .This my 1st third time travelling with a guide and I usually feel like they're ok, This review is for Amanuel Assefa, an awesome and brilliant tour guide we had on our first trip to Ethiopia, which was 16 days in the Northern and Southern part of the Ethiopia. We found via trip advisor recommendation . We wrote our request to 12 travel guide in Ethiopia but he remained incredibly attentive and flexible throughout the planning process and absolutely throughout the entire trip. He adapted to and accommodated each and every one of our requests and preferences from beginning to end with the patience of basically a saint. It was truly a pleasure spending our time with Amanuel because he has a great energy and love for his country and for showing it in its true identity to those who come to visit, his enthusiasm is infectious and delightful. He is incredibly organized and thoughtful, he knows his stuff and he is, in general, a truly awesome guy who loves to learn about other cultures and genuinely takes an interest in getting to know his clients as much as they get to know him and his amazing .