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Tiben In My Eyes

Tibet is a place that will likely change the way you see the world after a journey there,we don not use -tour- to name, Cuz every step you make in Tibet is a way of pilgrimage.You see,you feel,you find and you gain.Have been highest,have been complete, in life and self, This is the motto for quite a lof of travelers.No wonder it is their ultimate dreamland.There is no place on earth like Tibet with such a strong piety to its faith bowing on all fours,there is no place on earth like Tibet with such heavenly highland view for which travelers are willing to stand having the least Oxygen. No place like Tibet can be so pure and authentic.No need to say more with plain words, you will not know from it,therefore,make yourself know someday, beneath the roof of the world.It is a place you have to be, at least once in life.