See a man cross China's Enshi Grand Canyon on a tightrope with no safety net!

Enshi Grand Canyon locates in the outer suburb of Enshi city proper, Hubei province. It is one section of Qingjiang Grand Canyon. This section is 108 kms long with many bold cliffs, waterfalls, isolates peaks and virgin forest and stockaded villages. Except of its great canyon and small rivers, its another unique feature is karst landform on the shores. There are karst tiankeng, geofracture and karst caves which have more than 200.

Last month Dean Potter, a daredevil from New Hampshire, U.S. Was crossing the slackline between two isolated peaks at Enshi Grand Canyon. He had no rope or safety net.Remarkably, Potter was able to complete the superhuman task in under two minutes– taking the last few steps at a graceful run!

Kindly cues: Enshi Grand Canyon is composed with three huge mountains. It will take 4-6 hours to clime the huge canyon. Please wear comfortable shoes. It is better to have a walking stick. You will have to walk a lot, for there is no shortcut to the exit. Although the elevator is available, it is not going to take you directly to the exit. If you travel with a baby under three-year old, you may not touch everywhere of the Grand canyon.

Welcome to Enshi my distinguished guests from other parts of the Pacific. I would like to offer more practical information if you need. I hope you will have a pleasant discover in the new land, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.