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The Ducks and Geese in Front of Songzanlinsi Lamasery

   It is the middle of January in 2012. It has been snowing for about a week. The road got blocked by the heavy snow. We've been watching the sky and finally the sun shines, and finally we made the trip to Shangrila, with two customers from Austrilia.
   The Putacuo National Park is covered by snow, and the Tibetan houses look like castles from legendary world. While the Songzanlinsi Lamasery is well cleaned, there are a group of ducks, geese and wild ducks are sharing a little water spot out of the icy lake. When we get closer and try to take photo of them, they all come together towards us, membling different languages but it seems they're all saying the same thing. They are different animals, but they would go towards the same direction at the same time. We're joking if they know that they're different species.
   When i get down to the bank, they all rush towards me, shouting in excitment. They try to fly, but then slip, fall down and get up again. I suddenly realize they must be hungry. I happen to have some cachews and walnuts. When i try to chew them and make them into small pieces, the geese and duckes are getting more excited and some start coming up to the bank. I throw the nuts onto the ice. The ducks are very quick and get them even before the heavy geese notice. The geese slip and then get up with the support of the big wings, which makes us laugh. 
   During lunch we left one piece of Tibetan bread in the plate. I'm thinking the geese and ducks would love it, and feel sorry i didn't think enough how to help them at the first place.