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my goal to show you the real Egypt through Egyptian eyes

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Egypt is safe

hey guys !

Egypt is safe country , lovely country on north east of Africa

Egyptian people is friendly with an amazing smile and helpful

here in Egypt , we have a variety tours like medical in Oasis with hot and cold spring including the sulfur water 

religious tours like Christian church monastery like St Cathren monastery the oldest in the world 342 A.D.

one of the oldest church in Coptic Cairo where the holy family had been as they stayed in Egypt for 3 years and half

Islamic Cairo like Azhar mosque from one thousand of years ago with Azhar university where people can learn about Islam

the most important , the ancient Egyptian civilization the pharonic history

the Giza pyramids , one os seven wonder of the ancient world , we have the oldest antiquities , we have the valley of the king , rock cut tomb in Luxor

we have also relax and fun tour in red sea resort like Sharm el Sheikh and Hurgada ,very nice resort with beach to make diving , snorkeling , safari in desert , barbeque and to see coral in the red sea

come and invite all your lover and friends

feel free to ask me if you have any questions

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