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Egypt useful travel tips

1. Is Egypt safe to visit especially after the political events that took place after the Egyptian revolution?

– In spite of the size and the population density of the cities, Egypt is generally considered one of the safest destinations in the world for travelers. Having tourists visiting the country as early as the Middle Ages, the Egyptians are historically known for their generosity, kindness, and warmth. Egyptians are friendly towards tourists because they know how important tourism is for the national economy of the country.

After the presidential elections, especially with the support that the new Egyptian president, ELSISI, has showed towards tourism, with the conditions getting more stable in the country, Egypt now is as secure as it has always been for ages. This is why many tourists state that they feel secure in Egypt even more than their homelands.

2. Is the Egypt considered a safe destination in comparison to other countries in the world?

– Egypt is always proud for having one of the lowest crime rates in the world and travelers are always safe in Egypt if they take sensible precautions that would apply to any destination in the whole globe.

3. Are there are any special advices for women travelers while visiting Egypt?

– Egypt is considered to be among the most liberal Islamic countries in the Middle East. The country has many touristic locations like hotels, resorts, bars, pubs, and casinos where tourists in general and women in particular may feel free to dress and behave the way they like.

However, on the other hand, when ladies are present in less touristic cities or places, ladies are expected to dress modestly and wear relatively long loose clothes that cover their chests, arms, and legs below the knees

If a lady is to take transportation, like the metro, unaccompanied, it is always a good advice to ride in the ladies wagon.

If a lady faces in problem in Egypt, many citizens would surly help her. Women are respected and protected everywhere around the country.

4. Will I be able to exchange dollars or any other currencies in Egypt?

– There are a large number of banks and exchange offices that can change cash and travelers’ cheques in Egypt. Moreover, many touristic shops, restaurants, and bars would actually deal with dollars with rates that are relatively close to the official ones.

5. How common is the use of credit cards in Egypt?

– Credit cards are widely used in Egypt in hotels, many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Most stores in markets like Khan El Khalili and the Luxor touristic market accept credit cards. The most common types of credit cards used in Egypt are Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

6. How can I obtain my visa to visit Egypt?

– Visitors to Egypt should have a passport that is valid for a period more than six months after the planned date of their entry inside Egypt. All North Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, and many other nationalities should obtain a tourist visa to enter Egypt. There are actually two ways to obtain the visa; the first is to apply in advance in one of Egypt’s embassies or consulates abroad or the tourists can usually obtain the visa within a couple of minutes upon arrival in the Cairo, Hurghada, or Luxor Airports.

7. How do I apply for a visa to enter Egypt if I live away from the country of my nationality?

– If the travelers has a Permit residence to live in a certain country, he can apply for the visa from the Egyptian Embassy or consulate of the same country, buy a visa upon arrival in the Cairo, Hurghada, or Luxor Airports, or otherwise he has to obtain the visa from the country from which his passport was issued.

8. Is it allowed for non Moslems to enter historical mosques in Egypt?

– Non Moslems are generally welcomed to visit mosques in Egypt. However, it is always advisable to seek permission before entering mosques outside Cairo and Alexandria where people are less accustomed with tourists. Tourists and foreigners are welcomed almost in all mosques in Egypt except mosques where the relatives of the prophet Mohamed were buried like the Mosque of El Hussein and the Mosque of Sayeda Zeinab for example. Anytime except the Friday prayers and the five prayers of the day would be perfect for tourists to visit mosques.

9. Is there any special dress code to be followed during visiting a mosque in Egypt?

– There aren’t really special clothes to be put on while visiting a mosque in Egypt. However, modest dress would be highly recommended and in some mosques, the ladies would be asked sometimes to cover their hair. Both ladies and gentlemen will be kindly asked to remove their shoes before entering inside the mosques.

11. Can I bring my personal supplies of cigarettes and alcohol with me when I am visiting Egypt?

– It is always recommended for travelers who wish to have their own supplies of cigarettes and alcohol with them in Egypt to purchase them upon arrival in the Cairo or Luxor Airports. The tourists are allowed to purchase up to 4 litters of alcohol, a case of beer, and up to 200 cigarettes.

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