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Goa Lo - Bangi Caving

There are many ways to do fun activities outdoor and get the feeling of adrenaline rush. Most people getting best experience from surf the waves, or snorkeling on calm sea garden, or goes deep for underwater world scuba diving. However, some people might haven't experienced to enter caves and going deeper to underground. It has related on general issues that caves can be a dangerous places; or it's only a dark place for mining or urban exploration. Nowadays, caving comes to be known as an extreme sport as it uses many skills on squeezes, the negotiations on pitches, wall climbs, or diving. Become increasingly popular activities, this is the perfect time to explore the underground of exotic Indonesia! Squeezing on dark narrow gap with equipped headlight, capturing growing stalagmite and stalactite, crawl on pristine cave floor with shining wet stones,and spot water flows through caves. Set your helmet, wear your sturdy footwear, light on your headlight, and let's explore the beauty of Indonesia underworld. Take nothing but picture, Leave nothing but footprints, and Kill nothing but times.

On this cave area, first our expedition team welcomed with a vertical entrance for 5-6 metres. Then a journey along the cave started by crawling and even dipped our body on the underground stream. We were amazed with those stalagmyte and stalagtyte walls and even we noticed some crystal stones. All this magical place was created from the water stream and stone evolution. ALong 4-5 hours trek, we found a stop point and also the exit point for Goa Lo cave. There we enjoyed our time to relax and rest before we found another cave to explore. The second cave named Goa Bangi requires more skill experience on caving activities as the area are three times more dangerous. The entrance for Goa Bangi also a vertical entrance with water stream flows from the waterfall above. During our going in, all crew did pay attention on the water stream which poured over their body and not to slipped on their step. And on the underground, a few metres trail will cover all our body with water. And another crawling part to the exit where the exit holes also the exit way for river water. Since the second cave requires higher skill and caving experience, we suggest to all beginner cave explorer to try the first one. Or try to explore the second one with any experienced partner.

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