Yu Lin Grottos Tours – Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China

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Yu Lin Grottos


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185 km southest of Dunhunag city, China, Gansu Province, Dunhuang
Hours : 08:30-16:30

About this place

The Yu Lin Grottos---It is located in the south of Gua Zhou city 85 km ,which is called Ten Thousand Buddhas’ Canyon by local people. It is listed by the state council of China in 1961 as the Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National level. There are totally 43 grottos in the east cliff and west cliff. The murals inside the grottos cover an area 5650 square meters. The number of  sculptures inside the grottos reaches to 272. The grottos were built during  at least 6 century to 20 century. Because of beautiful sculptures and murals, the Yulin Grottos was call the sister grottos of Mogao Grottos.

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