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White horse pagoda

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3 km in the west of dunhuang city center, China, Gansu Province, Dunhuang
Hours : 08:00 a.m.--18:00

About this place

The white horse pagoda is located 2km west of dunhuang city. The pagoda was originally built in 385 AD and rebuilt in1843, in memory of a white horse which took the monk Kumarajira to China. Kumarajjira was a famous Buddhism translator in the 4th century. In 384 he was invited to central China to teach Buddhism. He started from Kuqa by a white horse. After he passed Yangguan to Dunhuang by the horse, the horse suddenly died after one night. It was said that Kumarajira met the horse in his dream on the night before the horse died. The horse said to him in his dream that it already finished the mission from Buddha and it must leave. Next morning when he awoke, he ran to the stable and found the horse already died. He was so sad. In order to memorize the horse , afterwards the white horse pagoda was built in 385 AD. The pagoda is octagonal in shape ,packaged and built by bricks. It is 12 meters tall with 9 layers , symbolizing the horse was 9 years old when it died.

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