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Tibetan Language &Poem of King Gesar

Tibetan is a branch of the sino_Tibet Language family .while spoken mainly in Tibet ,it is also the predominant Language in four border areas throughout western China includes western Sichuan ,Qinghai.Gansu and NW Yunnan .there are 3 Tibetan dialects :U Tsang,Khams,and Amdo.about 6 million people still speak it today which includes some groups from Nepal,Indian,Pakistan and Bhutan .

King Gesar is a folk hero in the east part of Tibet ,he is believed to lived  in the time of the 10th century ,he is predominant know through literatures and Tibetan living performance .the poem called The epic of King Gesar is regarded as the longest epic poem there is in the world .it is also see as the masterwork of the grassland nomads .even today there are hundreds of Tibetans  across the vast mighty land still carry the old tradition of singing the tale of King Gesar .

Here is one poem from one of the  monastery in Deqin .


The affable young man sings :

Beautiful girl of the mountain country ;

Her single step forward is worth one hundred steeds ;

Her single step in retreat ,one hundred fat sheep;

In winter ,she is warmer than the sun ;

In summer ,she is cooler than the moon;

The aroma of her body is sweeter than any flowers ;

Swarms of bees wrap around her form;

Although the beautiful women in the world are countless ;

Only she is the one for the great king;

Gesar ,the great king ,who has left for the north;

Now she is in the empty home all  alone .