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Mingyong glacier in Shangrila


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Mingyong village, Yunling township, Deqin county, Diqing prefecture, Yunnan Province , China, Yunnan Province, Deqin
Hours : 09:00-18:00

About this place

Mingyong glacier is one of the largest glacier under the peak of Kawagebo, Meili snow mountain , is  the highest mountain peak in Yunnan with a elevation of 6740m above sea level.   

the top of mountain is covered by snow and glacier in four season and  the glacier had  a very low latitude.   The lowest part of Minyong glacier is at 2660m above sea level,  The length of Minyong glacier is the 11.7km, it looks like a green dragon wandering in the vergin forest through the valley , which is largest glaciers in Yunnan and the second largest glaciers on Henduan mountain range (Hailuogou glaciers on Gonga mountain is the largest one on Henduan mountain range with a length of 13.6km)  

Mingyong glacier is a pilgrim site in Tibetan Buddhism as Meili mountain(6740m above sea level) is holy mountain for Tibetans around Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet.    The highest peak of Meili mountain remains as a vergin land,   first exploration on Meili mountain  can be dated back to 1902, A mountain climbing team from Britain was trying to climb the peak but failed.  after that, 4 team of America, Japanese, China tried but all failed again.   a tragedy on mountain climbing history happened at night of  3rd of January, 1991,   17 Team members of China and Japan  United  mountaineering  team was buried by avanlanche on 5300m on Meili mountain , their bodies was not found untill July of 1998 under a huge glacier waterfalls.     Local govenment banned the mountain activities on Meili mountain after the tragedy. 

Now, the trekking near Mingyong glaciers is one of the most popular trekkings around Shangrila! 

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By JonLijiang,

Tourguide , English speaking driver ,Photographer & Business assistant

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