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Benzilan town in Deqin


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Benzilan town, Deqin county, Deqin prefecture, Yunnan Province, China, Yunnan Province, Deqin
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About this place

Benzilan,   located at the foot of Baima snow mountain at the bank of Golden sand river (Jinsha river ). it was an important stop on the ancient tea horse road to Tibet  and Sichuan province ,  if you go norwest from you, you will reach Tibet.   If you go against the river to north direction , it leads you to Batang, and Derong in Sichuan Province.      if you go south-east from here, it leads you to Lijiang and Dali.  

Tibetan new year is not popular in Benzilan, Tibetan people here also celebrating chinese new year   , what make it different is that local Tibetan will drink barley wine and had Tibetan bonfire dancing in the chinese new year eve!

Different cultures mixed up at Benzilan because of the cultural and economic exchanges,  local people believe Buddhism, dongba religion and worship nature!

Benzilan is hometown of Tibetan wooden handicrafts,  famous for well decorated Zanba box, a Wooden container for storing highland barley powder.

Famous scenery including Baima snow mountain, big bend of Yangtze river and Dongzhulin monastery.  

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